About Us

SoniDent Inc. is focused on providing the best dental equipment to all dentist, health care professionals and clinics. We help dental professionals stay up to date with the dental industry and discover the right equipment for their practice. With investing in quality equipment, professionals can streamline their treatment plan. SoniDent Inc. is dedicated to helping its customers succeed by offering the products needed for operating and delivering high-quality health care. Our products have been used in different labs and dental offices with amazing results and have been approved by expert and professors at various universities.
Not only do we also provide an excellent customer service, highly competitive prices and prompt delivery but we also hold sponsored courses in partnerships with other dental/educational practices.
But most importantly, we work with some of the top leading dental equipment manufacturing such as Woodpecker, DTE, UDG, DXM, Bondent, Ora Aid and presenting to you our own brand, Denswan.