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DiaTemp Flow

DiaTemp Flow

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  • Temporary and intermediate restorations for inlays and onlays
  • Relining of prefabricated crowns and bridges
  • Sealing of implant screw access openings
  • Temporary filling of abutment apertures
  • Protective gingival margin coverage
  • Temporary filling of cavities/sealing of root canal orifices


  • Temporary restorations of prepared cavity
  • Low viscosity: excellent flowability allows fast and easy application to various shapes of teeth and is especially ideal for deep inlays
  • Elastic and easy to handle
  • Quick and simple removal in one piece
  • Good adhesion for tight sealing of margins
  • Strong and durable: high resistance to external force
  • Odorless to ensure patient comfort
  • Available in two colors: Yellow is ideal for anterior teeth and Blue is ideal for posterior teeth

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