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I-Scan PSP Viewer

I-Scan PSP Viewer

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Woodpecker i-Scan system offers a comprehensive set of features and capabilities that are crucial for efficient and accurate dental imaging and diagnosis. Key aspects of the system include its powerful processing capability, high-resolution touchscreen, advanced algorithms, compact design, and flexible imaging plates. These features collectively contribute to the system's reliability, versatility, and convenience. The system's powerful processing capability, with its 8-core CPU, FPGA coprocessor, and advanced process technology, ensures smooth and efficient image processing. This capability is essential for dentists to obtain clear and detailed diagnostic images, enabling them to make accurate assessments and diagnoses. The high-resolution touchscreen of the i-Scan system allows for easy and precise interaction, enhancing the user experience and facilitating efficient image viewing and analysis. With its intuitive interface, dentists can navigate through the system's functions and perform tasks with ease.

The system's advanced algorithms, including the one-click ultra-clear algorithm and multi-level structure image algorithm framework, are designed to enhance image quality and provide intelligent optimization. These algorithms ensure that fine details are preserved, image clarity is improved, and diagnostic information is maximized. The compact and flexible design of the i-Scan system makes it highly suitable for dental clinics, as it requires minimal space and can be conveniently placed beside the dental chair. This proximity allows for immediate access to imaging capabilities, optimizing workflow and patient care.


Powerful processing capability:

  • A reliable diagnosis for dentists
  • Cutting-edge 14nm FinFET LPC technology, and FPGA used as a coprocessor, enabling smoother image processing capability.

Large HD touchscreen:

  • A 7 inch high resolution screen allowing dentists to obtain clearer diagnostic images.
  • High quality interface makes it easy to shoot and read.

High performance:

  • 8-core CPU and 14nm LPC FinFET processor
  • More than 100 million data acquired.

Powerful software:

  • One click installation, easy operation and versatile function.
  • Professional and precise processing with intelligent image optimization, plus support is in multiple languages.
  • Open software, no licensing problem
  • Possibility to integrate any image format.

Flexible and compact:

  • With an area of only 0.13 m2, the i-Scan is powerful, complete and compact.
  • It can be installed in dental clinics easily, for use directly next to the chair.

Ultra-thin and flexible plate:

  • Imported ultra-thin imaging plate can be reused more than 1000 times.
  • It is only 0.4 mm thick, more flexible than conventional films.
  • A total of 4 intraoral imaging places of size (0-3) can be used on i-Scan, allowing different tooth positions to be photographed.

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