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Smart A Endo Motor

Smart A Endo Motor

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Cordless portable endo motor with combined length determination. Smart APP control. Multiple devices supported. Bluetooth communication. Record patient data and store treatment reports in the cloud. Support Smart watch, Apple ipad, Apple iPhone, Andoid phones (Huawei, XIaomi, OPPO, VIVO, Samsung..).

**Smart A comes with a wireless foot pedal.


  • Customized treatment plan. Files from different brands can be selected from the database to establish a new "Common file system". The name, file sequence and working parameters, of the new file system can be determined as doctor wishes. The files not in the database can also be added manually.
  • Cloud storage of treatment. Auto storage of patient information, treatment data and file usage time. Multiple users in one device. Each doctor can create a personal account in one device;
  • Voice control by VIVI. Though the voice command "hi vivi" doctor can: control the device switch and handpiece parameters; adjust the speed, torque, forward and reverse rotation mode; reciprocating mode, angle, file type, etc..
  • The magnetic adsorption charging base has a built-in high capacity battery;
  • The contra-angle can be rotated for 360°;
  • Surface isolation of plastic contra-angle, built-in electrode of canal measurement;
  • Adopt real-time feedback technology and dynamic torque control;
  • BB (Block Bypass) Mode - The file moves continuously at an angle of 90°, with 1s interval between each movement;
  • This rotation with up and down motion can bypass the block;
  • LB (Ledge Bypass) Mode - The file reciprocates with a gradual angle change and reciprocates with a cycle of "set angle -2°, set angle -1°, set angle 0°, set angle +1°. Ledge bypassing is needed to locate the original root canal;
  • Reciprocating Mode - Adjustable rotation angle in reciprocating mode: Adjustment range 5°-400°; Adjustment interval 5°;
  • 17mm Minimum diameter of Handpiece;
  • Integrated Apex locator Mode;
  • Wireless Foot Pedal


Battery: Base: built in two 3.6V/2000mAh Li-ion battery packs, and charge voltage is 5VD.C, 1A.
Motor handpiece: built in a 3.7V/600mAh Li-ion battery pack.
Foot Pedal: built in a 3.6V/750mAh Li-ion battery pack.
Power adapter (Model:ADS-6AM-06N 05050EPG): Input: ~100V-240V 50/60Hz 0.4A Max Output: DC5V/1A
Torque range: 0.4Ncm~5.0Ncm (4mNm~50mNm)
Speed range: 100rpm~2500rpm
The contra-angle uses precision gear transmission inside and the model is CA161 .
Charging of handpiece: DC 5V/1A
Software version:V1.0.0
Frequency range: BLE 2402-2480MHzÂÂ

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