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Standard Typodont 28 Teeth

Standard Typodont 28 Teeth

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Tooth training model for dental simulator

Training Purposes: Each tooth of the dental typodont model can be removed and replace, which is very suitable for practice repair, fixed repair, anatomy and other trainings. 

Materials: Environmentally friendly resin

Dimensions: 11cm x 11cm x 11cm

Net Weight: 0.4kg

Dental practice models with soft gums are educational tools used in dental training and practice to simulate oral conditions and perform various dental procedures. These models typically have the following features:

1.Soft Gum Material: The gum portion of the dental practice model is made from a soft and flexible material that closely mimics the texture and feel of human gum tissue. This allows for realistic manipulation and interaction during de procedures.

2 .Anatomical Accuracy: The dental practice model is designed to replicate the anatomical features and structures of the oral cavity, including the shape and position of the teeth, gums, and surrounding tissues. This provides a lifelike representation for realistic training scenarios.

3.Tooth Socket or Screw Fixation: Some dental practice models feature tooth sockets or screw fixation mechanisms to securely hold removable teeth in place. This allows for the simulation of procedures such as tooth extraction, impli placement, or crown and bridge preparations.

4.Removable Teeth: Dental practice models with soft gums often come with removable teeth that can be easily inserted and extracted from the tooth sockets or screw fixation points. This allows for the practice of various dental proced including restorations, prosthetics, and orthodontic applications.

5.Easy Cleaning and Maintenance: Dental practice models with soft gums are desiened to be easy to clean and maintain. The soft gum material can be cleaned and disinfected after each use, ensuring a hygienic training environment.

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