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Gutta-percha Obturation Device Fi-E & Fi-P Plus

Gutta-percha Obturation Device Fi-E & Fi-P Plus

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Fi - E 

Wireless & Electric

Perfect gutta-percha fluidity, uniform and smooth gutta-percha output without bubbles.Easier than traditional manual gutta-percha injection to relieve hand fatigue for the operator. Eliminate surgical hazards caused by gutta-percha leakage and overflow. Maintenance thanks to automatic cleaning of remaining gutta-percha.

Reusable Injection Needle

360° rotatable. 3 injection speeds. The gutta-percha bar is directly loaded into the injection needle. There is no gutta-percha residue inside the machine, making it easier to clean. The gutta-percha bar can be replaced at anytime without waiting for the internal cooling machine.

Dual Button Design

Symmetrically-designed dual injection buttons, sensitive and convenient.

Compact and lightweight= Easier To Hold

Diameter:26mm*26mm Length:200mm Weight: 148g


  • 0.2 Sec heating time
  • 0.35mm bendable tip
  • High precision temperature control
  • 4Working temperatures
  • 4Hours of endurance
  • Charging base with battery temperature monitoring design 

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